A retired guy converts a 35 foot, 2004 school bus into a tiny home on wheels. Join me on the learning curve.


For the longest time I’ve wanted to convert a school bus into a recreational vehicle (RV) a.ka. motor home/tiny home on wheels. A community of like-minded people has dubbed these conversions skoolies. I want my skoolie to be functional in spots where there are no water, electrical or sewer hookups. (This kind of camping is known as boondocking.) I like the challenge of designing and implementing a mobile life support system, including electricity, digital connectivity, running drinking water, sleeping, cooking and refrigeration facilities and a bathroom. I’m also looking forward to getting out on the road in it and meeting other members of this community. This website is a companion to my YouTube channel. Each YouTube episode corresponds to a page on this site, which links to the episode. You can leave comments for all to see under each YouTube episode. You can contact me directly at David@TheSkoolieLife.com. In undertaking this work I’m not drawing on any skills in which I’ve had formal training. I’m just a lifelong tinkerer and ardent student at YouTube university and Skoolie.net. So use your own judgement before copying any steps shown here. My videos go into more detail than some in showing how I tackle particular tasks. So they may be of particular interest to visitors who are also converting a bus (and less so to those who are not.) There is some unavoidable bureaucracy to skoolie ownership: getting ownership transferred, transporting your purchase home, getting insurance, and reclassifying the bus from a commercial vehicle to an RV. I live in Ontario, Canada, and imported a bus from Georgia. How I tackled those steps may be of interest to other Canadians. But the building challenges should resonate with skoolie owners everywhere.
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