Episode 27:

Building and installing storm


Last summer I used aluminum window frame kits and a roll of fiberglass screening to make a number of window screens for the bus. You can see the process in episode 19. They worked out great. While making them I noticed this option in the instructions: I aspire to use the skoolie all winter. It will be well insulated, and the water tanks will be in, not under the bus. The 20+ single pane windows are likely the biggest way for heat to escape. So I bought 13 frame kits and a big roll of 20 mil clear vinyl. The vinyl a LOT harder to press into the spline channels than is the screening material. But it can be done. I’ve knocked out two storm windows with eleven more to go. I hope to start using low heat to remove the wrinkles. Even so, you’ll still know that the vinyl is there. But if the storms mean I can let natural light in over the winter, as opposed to a heavy quilted curtain, I’m OK with that. To see how I made the storm windows, click the image below and watch episode 27 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes. Update: It has been really challenging to secure the vinyl into the channels without puckering or excessive wrinkles. After struggling with about ten storm windows I developed some techniques that help. I posted a YouTube video about it that can be seen here:
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