Episode 38:

Framing the Ceiling

I plan on getting spray foam insulation for the walls and ceiling of the skoolie. The finished materials (plywood for the walls and tongue-and-groove for the ceiling) will go over that. Those materials will be screwed or nailed to the framing materials. A key function of the framing materials is to create a thermal break with the outer metal skin of the bus. That way, in cold weather, water in the interior won’t condense e.g. on the heads of screws that are screwed into metal ceiling ribs. The risk of mould and mildew is reduced. While many of the over 140 boards I installed were just 2x2s of various lengths, there were a lot of custom cuts. …including 22 custom cuts out of 2x4s for the parts of the ceiling with the biggest curve. And framing around the two ceiling fans was really fussy. I won’t really know how good a job I did until I start installing the finished materials. But I’m optimistic. Click the image below to watch episode 38 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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