Episode 29:


Christmas of 2022 has been memorable in our household, as it was spent without electricity for the furnace or lights. A snow storm hit our community so hard that a state of emergency was declared. My Coleman camp stove, the Ecoflow power station and a gas fireplace got us through those four days without power. As the ice cream started to melt, the front porch became our freezer and the garage our fridge. We even had neighbors over for treats on Christmas day, with the battery-powered entertainment center I made in episode 22 providing the Christmas carols. I kicked myself for not bringing the generator home from the bus before roads became impassable. The roads were plowed enough two days later for me to attempt it. The volume of snow I found inside the bus, and the unlikely locations, amazed me. That’s the main point of the three minute video linked to below. Skoolie owners should be aware of the potential for snow to intrude into your bus when the winds are blowing snow sideways. Perversely enough, much of the snow that fell melted within days. Before temperatures climbed above freezing, I made a point of clearing snow off any electronics to avoid damage to them. I’m glad I got the starter battery kill switch installed (as shown in Episode 28) so no current was flowing through any circuits while they were heaped with snow. Click the image below and watch episode 29 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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