Episode 20 - Making a stop sign

night light

Last fall when I removed the swing-out stop sign from the side of the bus, I decided to keep it in case another purpose for it arose. Recently I decided to make it the heart of a building project I would do with my almost-six-year-old grandson Edison. We would mount it on a base, swap in LED bulbs, add a power supply and a switch, to make it into a ginormous night light. While adults new to tinkering might find some useful information in this episode, the primary audience is kids. Together we use a power drill, power screw driver, soldering iron, volt meter, heat gun and more. I didn’t want the project to lag, either for Edison or for the viewer, so I made and painted the wooden base before hand, off- camera. It’s made from two, 1 foot long pieces of 2x4 lumber, both pieces notched in the middle to form a cross. I used a router bit to round off the edges, so it would look a bit less like a cross made from 2x4 lumber. I made brackets from 1.5 inch angle iron I had around. Using an angle grinder I cut off this strip from one edge of the stop sign. That made the sign symmetrical. Click the image below to see episode 20 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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