Episode 12 - Designing an A.V.

system to run on the skoolie’s

Local Area Network

Like most people, I like watching movies and TV shows. We have several streaming services that we use at home, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But to use a streaming service while boondocking in a skoolie would rely on one’s cell phone carrier’s data plan. And streaming video consumes a lot of data. Digital nomads who make their living remotely can justify the expense of a large monthly data plan. But it’s not in my budget as a retired person. In this episode I demonstrate other ways to watch TV and movies on the road without drawing on your data plan. My particular design requires some networked devices on the skoolie to be connected via Ethernet cable. You’ll see a setup that lets you share an internet connection with multiple devices, wired or wirelessly. click on the diagram to see it larger Finally, for those using Windows PCs I show some settings you can tweak that will reduce the risk that Windows and Windows apps will burn through your data plan by downloading updates automatically when you’re boondocking. Click the image below to see episode12 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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