Episode 14 - Roof repair and

ceiling fan installation

My main goal in the last two weeks was to remove one of the two overhead emergency escape hatches, shrink the resulting hole to 14 inches square, and install a Maxxair ceiling fan, all without introducing any leaks. I had never done work like this before, and wanted to practice on a more modest project or two. On the roof of the bus there was a (now useless) strobe light near the rear. Near the front was an air scoop (or perhaps an air extractor) that let in lots of cold air in the winter. I removed them both and patched the resulting holes successfully. Encouraged by this, I removed the front escape hatch. It took three tries, but I finally cut to the right size a patch for the large hole, with a smaller square hole in it. I got the Maxxair fan installed and running. Sealing it in place was a challenge, because the metal roof has a bow at the crest, but the flange around the fan does not. So far, there are no puddles on the floor when it rains. Click the image below to see episode14 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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