Episode 33:

Installing a seat next to the

driver’s seat

I have envied skoolies and vans that came stock with a passenger seat up front, alongside the driver’s seat. It’s great to have someone sitting beside you as you drive, for companionship and to help with navigation. In my bus, next to the driver’s seat is a strip of floor (shown below with my grandson standing on it.) Next to that is the stairwell and main door to the bus. Compounding the problem of limited space for a passenger seat up front, is the challenge of bolting it securely to the floor. The four bolts have to emerge on the underside of the floor “in the clear” so you can affix washers and a nut. There are a lot of obstructions on this part of the floor. Placement of the seat is really tricky. Finally, the driver’s seat sits on a raised platform. So I’d need to put the passenger seat on risers to (more or less) match the height of the two seats. Despite these challenges, I wanted to see if I could squeeze a passenger seat up front. I found a local supplier who suggested this 2020 Ford Transit single seat. At only 16” wide, with a built-in headrest and three-point restraints, it seemed like a good fit. I’m happy with the result. As expected, the path from the door to the rear of the bus is now narrower, but it’s still manageable. Click the image below and watch episode 33 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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