Episode 32:

Installing a propane water


I never considered installing an electric water heater. To my mind, using electricity to generate heat is quite wasteful of this scarce resource. Combustion is preferred - with appropriate safety precautions. I’ve seen a number of skoolie conversions that install in a cupboard a budget-friendly portable water heater like this one. With this design, air intake for combustion, and the exhaust gases are both from within the passenger compartment. Sometimes this is unavoidable, as with a gas range for cooking. But I ended up using a tankless, on demand propane water heater designed for RVs, where the air intake and exhaust are outside the vehicle: The Girard RV Tankless Hot Water Heater. This project happened while our six year old grandson Edison was with us for March Break. It was so much more fun having him involved. (We did a prior Skoolie project when we converted the swing-out stop sign into a night light. Here’s the video of that. Click the image below and watch episode 32 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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