Episode 31:

Adding insulation and a ply-

wood subfloor to my skoolie

The existing floor on the bus is a layer of hardened rubber glued onto sheet metal. Because the bus is from Georgia, there is no rust on the floor, and no need to take up the rubber. But a lot of heat and cold is transmitted through that floor. So I’m adding a half-inch layer of rigid fiberglass insulation covered with ⅝” thick plywood. Because there is so much construction still ahead, I won’t soon be putting a finished floor over this subfloor. While the job is pretty straightforward, there are some details to attend to. When I unbolted the 22 benches from the floor early on, it left dozens of holes that needed to be covered up. I’m painting all bare wood with a primer designed to resist mould and mildew. I don’t want an accidental liquid spill to cause that stuff to grow under the sub-floor, after cabinets are installed and it’s too late to lift up the floor. I’m putting furring strips around the perimeter to have something to screw the plywood to. I’ve worked out ways to minimize the number screws that go right through the metal floor, as they can conduct cold up to the screw head, where condensation can lead to mould. And there is a panel in the floor that allows access to the fuel tank, in case the fuel gauge sensor needs maintenance. Bad idea to make that inaccessible. So I framed around it to create a removable plywood hatch. Click the image below and watch episode 31 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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