Episode 16 - Replace overhead

flashers, paint the roof and

final install of solar panels

Once the government reclassifies a school bus as a motor home, the coloured overhead flashers front and rear should go. This YouTube video by Blue Whale Adventures inspired me to replace the four flashers over the windshield with white LED lights for off-road illumination. In the back I removed all four overhead coloured flashers. I used metal blanks to simply cover up the two outer ones. But for the two inner ones I added these LB Access Fittings. I’m using them to feed the cables from the rooftop solar panels to the interior of the bus. I may also use them to feed cables from backup cameras, a TV antenna and a cell phone signal booster. I also applied to the roof three coats of this Flex-Coat elastomeric paint. It’s white, to better reflect heat. And it’s meant to create a waterproof stretchy membrane on the roof. There were no leaks in the roof before I painted it, but I made so many holes by e.g. deleting the air scoop and installing two Maxxair fans, I wanted this extra protection. Once the third coat was dry, I reinstalled the eight solar panels. Click the image below to see episode16 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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