Episode 13 - Completing the

demolition and repurposing

flashing lights

Ontario, Canada where I live is subject to temperature extremes. Props to Thomas for including polyester insulation in the walls and ceiling of my bus, but I’m going to need more. Plus, the metal skin on the interior walls and ceiling is thermally bridged to the exterior metal skin, allowing heat and cold to be conducted in both directions. In episode 11 I completed the removal of the metal ceiling panels. In this episode I remove all the metal wall panels under the windows. I love the fact that this model bus used screws and not rivets to hold the ceiling and wall panels in place. But the top edge of each metal wall panel is bent over and sandwiched under the bottom edge of a window. The only way to completely remove a metal wall panel is to remove the window above it and re-seal it. And repeat for 20 windows. That’s unappealing. Plan “B” is to mark a line on each panel one inch below the window and cut the panel off. That’s how I do it in this episode. I think it’s likely that I’ll find a use for the remaining strip of metal. I also pull up the two metal strips running down the centre of the bus and metal “moulding” running along the base of both walls. And I thin out unneeded wires from the thick bundle of wires running over the windows on the driver’s side of the bus. Finally, in this episode I embark on a project to convert the rear overhead flashers to supplementary brake lights and turn signal lights. Did it work? Have a look at the video to find out. Click the image below to see episode13 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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