Episode 7 - Disabling the rear

door ignition interlock and

other fixes

School buses come with a number of features designed to keep their little passengers safe. Some of those features are why we like them for motor home conversions - like the all metal body construction that will stay intact in a rollover. Others have no bearing on the vehicle’s use as a skoolie, like the public address system and swing-out stop sign. Still others are an annoying nuisance, like the slide bolt on the rear door that won’t let you start the bus if it’s slid locked. I turn my attention to this feature in this episode. It’s not a huge undertaking to disable the engine interlock, especially with the less-than- thorough approach I use. But done wrong the bus is a 14,000 Lb door stop. What’s the thorough way to do it? If you’re comfortable doing some rewiring under the dash board and in the fuse panel, check out the detailed instructions posted by c_hasbeen on skoolie.net. I do a few other fixes in this episode, including removing the rear heater. My compulsion to label wires emerges again. When we moved into our new home one of the first things I did was to label all the switches, using clear labels. I’ll be doing that on the skoolie, too. The label maker I use is the Brother PTD600. It has a colour display and a decent size keyboard. It runs on batteries or a 110 volt power brick. And with a USB cable you can plug it into your PC. This lets you use your full-size PC keyboard, and copy- and-paste content from other sources. Very handy. Click the image below to see episode 7 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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