Episode 24:

Front trailer hitch receiver for a

bike rack

I love the interior space in my 35 foot skoolie. But its length makes it unwieldy to drive it in urban settings or park it in small lots. Some people solve this problem by towing a passenger car behind. Not appealing to me. Others extend the rear bumper and add a landing big enough for a motorcycle. But the motorcycle then blocks access to the rear door and all the storage under the bed. My preferred small vehicle is a mid-drive ebike. Unlike some models, it doesn’t fold. So if it’s going to come along on trips, it will have to be on the outside of the bus. I’m constantly checking out other skoolie builds online. The Vicaribus build gave me the idea of mounting a trailer hitch receiver on the front of the bus. I already own a compatible bike rack. I bought these two pieces from a metal supply store, cut a square hole in the flat piece and welded them together. Then I bolted the assembly to the front bumper. When I slid in the bike rack and put my ebike on it, I saw that the bike intrudes some into my sight lines when sitting in the driver’s seat. But there are fixes for that, like this Quick Adjust Drop Receiver. Click the image below to see episode 24 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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