Episode 18 - Design and Build a

rear rack for lights & backup


Backing up a large school bus can be tricky. In the school bus driver road test, if you even tap one of the perimeter pylons during the backing up portion of the test, you fail the whole test. No backup cameras are allowed in the road test, but they are in real life. I bought one even before I took possession of the bus, to have it for the long ride home. I attached it to the rear window with suction cups. Of course, that’s not a permanent solution. And I mostly needed a backup camera pointed down at the bumper, for backing up the last few feet. So I recently found the time to weld up a rack to mount the camera(s) to. I I frequently found when renovating old houses that I got an attack of the “might as wells.” As in “as long as I’ve got this wall open to fix a pipe, I might as well install a new electrical outlet.” The same thing happens when building out a skoolie. In this case, I figured if I was mounting the backup cameras I might as well install a couple flood lights. And some supports for the solar panel cables. And a place to install an antenna mast in the future. Apart from the wretched paint job behind the rack in the picture above (note to self: never paint in the hot sun) the project turned out pretty well. Click the image below to see episode18 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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