Episode 6 - Installing a diesel


It’s November, and daytime highs are often in single digits (Celsius.) I’m going to need a reliable heat source to allow me to work inside the bus for the next five months. In the Episode 6 video linked to below, I review several options for heating a skoolie: electric heaters, wood stoves, portable propane heaters, propane furnaces and diesel heaters. I settle on this diesel heater (click to see the image larger): While I did my best to determine a permanent spot to install the heater, I anticipate having to move it a foot or two in the final build. So the installation method I use involves the fewest and smallest holes in the bus. I’ve never done such an installation before, so setbacks are inevitable, like when I found I’d melted a hole in the fuel line. I have previously used my Ecoflow power station to power a water pump, stereo, lights and power tools. In this episode I use it to provide electrical power to the diesel heater. This power source has come in so handy. Click the image below to see the episode on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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