Episode 35:

Diesel heater permanent


Back in Episode 6 I installed a diesel heater in a temporary location in the skoolie, with the fuel tank mounted right next to it. It served its purpose well, keeping me warm enough to work on the bus over the winter. (Not super warm though, as the bus is gutted with zero insulation.) I had to refill the tank a few times from a jerry jug. It’s easy to spill a little fuel, and diesel fuel is smelly. I resolved to have the fuel tank outside the passenger compartment eventually, if possible. I’ve since laid down on the floor fiberglass insulation with plywood over that. I’ve installed four aluminum toolboxes under the bus (as shown in Episode 25.) I bought some jerry jugs with the same capacity as the fuel tank that came with the heater (10 litres.) But these jugs are short enough to fit in the undermounted toolboxes. In the toolbox nearest the heater I have two jerry jugs. One is the main fuel tank, and the other holds extra fuel. After some troubleshooting, the system works great. I should have insulation sprayed in the walls and ceiling in a few weeks. Then next winter I can determine whether one diesel heater is enough for a 35 foot school bus. If not, I already have the spot picked out to install a second one. Click the image below and watch episode 35 on my YouTube channel. And while you’re there, click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss subsequent episodes.
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